About Us

Anbari Seeds at a glance

Anbari agricultural seeds company with the management of Mr. Ali Anbari Yazdi is proud  with many years of activity in the field of Agricultural seeds production such as tomatoes, eggplant,etc. in order to promotion Irans agricultural industry has taken an effective step .Anbari seeds 40 years agricultural experience have started its activity with the aim of providing modified seeds (vegetables & fruits) in order to support farmers and produce indigenous varieties of high yield and adaption to climatic conditions in different parts of Iran. The company with many years of experience in the production and distribution of modified seeds has tried to collaborate with experts and experienced people to promote agriculture both inside and outside the country.

At the present time, Anbari seed has provided a background that, with high performance of its experts, which the result of a many years of efforts and acquisition of knowledge and experience in agriculture has produced indigenous varieties with high yield and quality than similar foreign varieties until the farmer at a low cost reaches desired quality.

Production of high quality seeds means increasing production efficiency, it is not possible, unless you are sure of the product you use for production, and we bring it to the farmer.

It is hoped that these activities would have provided satisfaction to the dear farmers.